Post 1 – Welcome!

Hello World, and welcome to my blog!

This should hope to assist in seeing what I’ve been up to within my journeyman team, and to show the progress is made to produce a vertical slice by the end date.

I will do this in video format, so that it is easier to demonstrate what I’m doing, and keep text to a small amount.

This week was the formation of our teams, as well as a preliminary discussion about what game we want to build. Following this, we produced a report about some research that each of ourselves did to better understand the genre of game we were going for.

We then came to the conclusion that we wanted to be inspired by the Castlevania franchise. Overall, this week was less about producing work and more so becoming acclimatized to the group, so that we can hope to work better in the future.

The report is as follows:

Thanks for reading!